If you are a Property Buyer/Investor you need to understand your Investment horizons in Real Estate pretty well.
What documents are required while buying commercial or residential property?
Which documents must be compulsory registered?
What is meant by Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area?
How can knowing the Break Up of a flat area help me in purchasing a flat?
What is meant by valuation of property?
Who is the appropriate authority for knowing the market value of the property?
What is meant by the market value of the property?
How much is the Registration Fees on sale of immovable property?
How often does the state government issue a ready reckoner?
Can possession be handed over to do a Pooja ?
From what date is the maintenance amount due?
From what date is the Property tax due?
How is the maintenance charge calculated for apartments of different sizes in a complex?
How much loan can one get?



I wished to handover my bungalow property to a builder who would work on it as his own house. I found the required sincerity and purpose in Waterstone's Sachiien Kawale. And my belief has proven to be true!

- Smt. Nalini Nirgudkar,
  Srishti Resident
I live in the USA and my parents shifted here from Bhopal. We wanted to have a house where my parents could stay comfortably. We found Waterstone's project in Warje to be the best planned and constructed. Plus, the builder extended help to us in customizing the flat to our requirement with a friendly and forthcoming approach. I had no hassle whatsoever while sitting in the US and transacting here.

- Mr. Tanmay Waikar,
  Nakshattra Resident
I was looking for a good sized 2 BHK flat but when i saw this duplex apartment design of Waterstone, there was no looking back! I appreciate the honesty and friendliness of Sachiien Kawale and am proud to be residing in a beautifully made house.

- Mr. Prasad Adsul,
  Srishti Resident
One thing i was impressed and delighted about Waterstone is the personal touch that they offered to us right from our buying decision till the end. We have indeed acquired the home we always dreamt of!

- Mr. Kaustubh Shaligram,
  Nakshattra Resident