Society Assessment
Consent from all members is sought in a General Body Meeting. The society management committee evaluates the proposal with us and decides on the final offer.
Developer's Feasibility Report
We identify inadequacies, if any, in the documentation and suggest the required corrective actions. We study the documents for clear title, ownership free of any litigation and other details for preparing the feasibility report.
Terms of the Offer
Both the parties have to mutually accept all the terms and conditions of the offer to enable us in submitting the final offer.
Design and Planning
The society would issue a confirmation to us for initiating the architectural design of the proposed complex.
Presenting Plan and Agreement
We present alternatives of the building plans which are developed based upon the member suggestions. Once the building layout and flat allotment are finalized, we prepare and present the redevelopment agreement draft. The society would consult its legal consultant and make required changes to further finalize it.
Agreement and Plan Sanction
The agreement is signed and registered and then, the Architect begins with the process of obtaining sanction from the municipal corporation.
Vacating the Premises and Handover
We help society members in getting rental accommodation for the tenure of construction. A period of 4-6 weeks is given to members for vacating and handing over the premise to us. Thereafter, we choose an auspicious day to commence development.

Director’s Message

“Redevelopment gives us the opportunity to offer enhanced lifestyle to the dwellers of old and dated properties. And we look forward to create our own niche in this growing and demanding sector over the next two years”

Sachiien Kawale, MD

Our Redevelopment Projects